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Monday, 15 November 2010

The main reason for restoring Hazel Armstrong was to build a camper van according to my own preferences; allowing me to determine the colours, set up of the interior and (very important) the reliability of my van. I never thought of the possibility that people would actually want to rent my van until I received Luke and Lindsey’s request to use my split screen bus for their wedding.

Hazel Armstrong is used as a daily driver and she is my loyal friend during many of my surf trips. Depending on my whereabouts, the bus is available for weddings, parties, tours, advertising purposes, as a model for photo shoots or in case you suffer from a car polish fetish…

There are several options for the interior set up; she is standard equipped with a fold out rear seat, sink and stove. Optionally, a middle seat can be installed; allowing three additional people to be seated.

Hazel Armstrong is not just an ordinary split screen bus, but a car that contains all my hart and soul; therefore she can only be hired including me or one of my friends as a driver. 

Feel free to contact me to discuss the options!

Wedding Sarah & DJ Print E-mail
Friday, 08 October 2010

Without a doubt, the longest distance ever driven by Hazel to get to the wedding location (500 miles!). Nevertheless, she covered the distance without a problem for our dear friends Sarah & DJ, whom got married at the beach in beautiful Cornwall, UK.  After the wedding we continued our trip crossing over to Brittany, France and back to the Netherlands. Sarah & DJ: just a note to say how happy we are for you. Wishing you a lifetime of the greatest joy, love, and happiness. Congratulations to a wonderful couple and friends!

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Friday, 17 September 2010

We met several times before: Ann-marie and Lourens in their yellow Volkswagen Golf 1, we in our splitty. The original plan was to get married in a restored VW Golf. Unfortunately, the wedding date came closer and closer while the restoration was not completed by far. An alternative was needed, which had to be a Volkswagen! This is how I got formally introduced to Lourens and Ann-marie, a lovely young couple with a liking for Volkswagens. Congratulations and hope to see you in your red Golf on the roads soon!

Lourens and Ann-Marie: “Thanks again for letting us use your split bus; we got lots of compliments."

Menno & Anniek's wedding Print E-mail
Thursday, 01 July 2010

Menno & Anniek drove by while I was cleaning the van: Menno stopped immediately to ask if the VW bus could be hired for their wedding. It was untill the wedding day that I found out that Anniek had seen the van parked at the beach a couple of years ago, and that was when she decided she wanted to get married in it.

It is almost too good to be true! It was undoubtedly the warmest and most beautiful day of 2010. Menno & Anniek, thank you and congratulations!

Menno and Anniek: "Here's a picture of us and the van for you to remember that hot day in July '10.... Thanks again!"

Ron & Nicky's wedding Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 November 2008

Ron found me through the internet, after he and Nicky had decided that their own van, an orange Volkswagen T3, did not quite meet the needs of a wedding vehicle. Their wedding took place at one of Holland most beautiful places which triggers anyone's imagination: the Dutch Open Air museum , which keeps a large collection of historical buildings and cultural exhibitions. Ron and Nicky, thank you for your warm welcome and hospitality. I wish you al the best in Australia, what a fantastic continent to start your new lives as a married couple!

Nicky and Ron: “Thanks again for your performed services and we wish you all the best with your beautiful van!”

Hanneke & William Print E-mail
Thursday, 20 November 2008

Hanneke and William had already laid their eyes upon my van as they had become new neighbours in our street. It did not take them very long to figure out who the owner of this particular orange white van was.. As soon as Hanneke contacted me, she informed me of her plans for the wedding and we met to take a closer look at Hazel. After they imagined themselves sitting in on the back seat heading to the church to get married they were convinced that this was the way to go: They cancelled their reservations for a white Porsche :-) Hanneke and William, enjoy a healthy and love full live together!

Hanneke and William: “We could not have wished for a better driver. We wish every other couple that get married to have one like you :).”

Photo shoot Wolky Houten Print E-mail
Thursday, 02 August 2007

For the 2008 advertising campaign of the summer collection of Wolky shoes, a Dutch design studio approached me with the request to use my splitty for a photo shoot; they found Hazel Armstrong by my restoration pages on the internet!

It did not take a lot of consideration to answer their question if we were willing to spend a day on the beach with three top models :-D

All together, it was a pleasant day on which me met a lot of nice people! It was very interesting to be part of the entire photo shoot process. The photos will be used for Wolky’s (international) brochure, posters and website.

Anthony (Director Wolky Houten): “Special thanks to Quentin Lau for letting us use his beautiful VW-bus 'Hazel Armstrong'. Quentin restored the bus himself and is using it every day now.”

Luke & Lindsey's wedding Print E-mail
Monday, 16 July 2007

I got in contact with Luke and Lindsey via the Dutch split screen bus register. When they came over to have a look at the VW bus, we immediately got along well. At sun rise, I dressed up in my tux and drove over to Luke’s parents' place to pick him up and continue to pick up his future wife: Lindsey.

After a beautiful photo shoot, we continued to the church and the city hall for them to complete the wedding ceremony. The day ended with a superb party on the beach. Luke and Lindsey, thank you for this beautiful day, it was my pleasure to drive you around!

Luke and Lindsey: “We were very pleased to have you as our driver: you held open the doors for us with a big smile, time after time! Our day was exactly as we wanted it to be, this is also thanks to your VW bus. Thank you for ‘lending’ us the bus for this day!”