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Personally, I am not a big fan of naming objects. Unfortunately practice has proven that there seems to be no way around it. Hazel Armstrong is not my name, but the name of our van. Having a van with both a name and surname seems a bit awkward. How we got to this name will be explained below.

We found loads of hazel nuts during the first clean out of the van, hence the name Hazel. The van probably provided shelter to a diversity of rodents that kept their supply of food for the winter in our van.

The surname Armstrong has a slightly less self-evident explanation. Inside the van we found a wrapping of Rizla gummed paper, which does not seem like a tremendously special discovery, was it not for the fact that the wrapping had been there since the late 1960’s. The inside of the wrapping showed a picture of some fishes and their Latin names; behold the Armstrongi fish.

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