Restoration articles

Rear axle Print E-mail
ImageDisassemble and renovate the rear axle.
Boot lid Print E-mail
ImageRear window mounting rotten? Don’t worry, it will soon be forgotten!
Fuel tank Print E-mail
ImageRemoving rust from the inside of the tank, sandblasting and powder coating of the exterior.
Bumpers Print E-mail

ImageNuts driving me nuts or is filler the killer?

Chassis Print E-mail
ImageRust treatment and finishing of the chassis.
Deluxe door panels Print E-mail
ImageHome made deluxe door panels; sniff glue untill you drop.
Face off Print E-mail
ImageRemoving the front of the van!
Face on (part 1) Print E-mail
ImageInch and pinch to make the front panel fit.
Face on (part 2) Print E-mail
ImageLight at the end of the tunnel.
Headliner Print E-mail
ImageInstall a new headliner all by yourself!
Roof-rack Print E-mail

ImageRoof-rack: when good is not good enough.

Cable loom Print E-mail
ImageChecking the wires, replacing the contacts and putting it all together in new tubing.
Trolley Print E-mail
ImageConvert your van into a shopping trolley!
Loading doors Print E-mail
ImageStandard procedure: restoring the loading door bottoms.
Cargo floor Print E-mail
Laadvloer Your primary school skills will come in handy; paper and scissors here we go!
Paint removal Print E-mail
ImageLet's get naked; we're taking off all the paint!
Engine rebuild Print E-mail
ImageRebuilding the engine from scratch.
12-Volt conversion Print E-mail
ImageConvert to a 12-volt electrical system; adjusting the gearbox and starter engine.
Brake lines Print E-mail

ImageSave some money, get quality, make them yourself!

Drum brakes Print E-mail
ImageDisasemble, sandblast, paint and resurface the brake drums.
Windscreen wipers Print E-mail
ImagePatching up the windscreen wiper mechanism.
Air heater Print E-mail
ImageEberspächer BN2 air heater rebuild and installation.
Upholstery (part 1) Print E-mail
ImageWell begun is half done: preparing the new vinyl.
Upholstery (part 2) Print E-mail
ImageStitching and installing the new fabric.
Steering column Print E-mail
ImageRemoving, restoring and adjusting the steering column.
Temperature gauge Print E-mail
ImageThe story of installing an oil temperature gauge.
The Trip Print E-mail
ImageLet's go for a walk in the city jungle.
Vent windows Print E-mail
ImageGuaranteed to give you the shivers...
Tachometer Print E-mail
ImageIns and outs for installing a tachometer.
Rims Print E-mail
ImageRusty rims? This is what you (can) do!
Chrome plating Print E-mail
ImageIf you want the best, they wil make you pay for it...
Gearbox Print E-mail

ImageIntroduction to the gearbox and it’s curiosities.

Heating pipes Print E-mail

ImageForty years of corrosion leave you with hardly anything left to work with...

Front axle Print E-mail
ImageRemoving and rebuilding the front axle.
Rock and roll bed Print E-mail

ImageBuild your own folding couch and enjoy a king-size bed in a trice.

Sandblast cabinet Print E-mail
ImageBuilding your own sandblast cabinet.
Sandblasting Print E-mail
ImageSandblasting the chassis.
Side panel Print E-mail

ImageReplacing the side panel: look through vw bus!

Front door Print E-mail
ImageIt never rains, it pours: replacing the bottom of the doors.