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Welcome to Hazel Armstrong

Hazel Armstrong (the name of this 1964 VW Kombi) has been back on the road since July 2005, after the completion of a 3 year full restoration (and the consumption of plenty of brew)... Since then, we have enjoyed some amazing trips across Europe and Hazel has been the vehicle of choice for many unforgettable wedding. She even featured as the backdrop for a global advertising campaign! 

On this website you will also find a library with detailed restoration articles. We hope that these will help other amateur restorers get through the difficult times of the restoration process: the moment when things don't go as planned and you are considering pushing your project of the nearest cliff... We have been there and guarantee that persistence will pay off: as there is nothing like driving around your self-made van!

Kombi Hire

I rebuilt Hazel Armstrong in order to have a camper van to my own liking; allowing me to determine colour, layout and reliability. It never crossed my mind that people would actually like to hire my kombi until I received Luke and Lindsey’s request to use Hazel for their wedding.

Depending on availability, Hazel is available for*:

  • Advertising
  • Events & Weddings
  • Television and Movies

Options include:

  • Standard layout with folding seat in back (5 people)
  • Optional middle seat (8 people) 
  • With or without full length roof rack

*Hire is inclusive of a driver.


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Just came across your site while looking up restoration tips for a splitty, amazing job you guys have carried out! You have a mint example of how a VW should look and be used. Best of luck in the future with her. Regards Ciaran

Compared to the rest of the bus, the cargo doors were still in a very acceptable condition. Besides a big dent in the left door and rusted lower bottoms of both the doors, there was not much we could do to prepare them for paint.

Similar to the other doors, both cargo doors were sandblasted to make sure that what we knew exactly what we were working with: stripped from paint, it was pretty self-evident that the lower part that holds the door seal required replacing on both cargo doors. To ensure we removed all remaining rust after sandblasting, we followed the below procedure:

  1. Remove all rust by grind back to bare metal
  2. Aply a rust converter and leave to react for 48 hours
  3. Cover with zinc or copper coating
  4. Finish with metal primer

After all remaining rust received the above treatment, I started preparations for both door bottom parts. I ended up fabricating them myself by folding a piece of sheet metal into angle of approximately 95 degrees. I spot-welded a 12 mm strip on one side of this bar to recreate the original double door bottom. I then made the water drain by placing the strip on a vice; with the vice opened to the with of the original drain’s size, carefully hammer the drain into the new panel.


 start fitting the new bottom. I made the strip slightly longer than required, so I could fold the excessive material around the edges of the door; saves you from welding additional separate pieces to fill up the gaps.


Be sure you use air to cool the metal when finishing the weld that attaches the bottom to the door skin. This will prevent the metal to deform due to the heat generated from welding. One of my friends tin plated all the welds to ensure that rust will stay away for a while; tin files up the little wholes that might be left from my inferior welding ;-) After we degreased the metal we applied the filler and sanded it all down to a nice, paint ready, result.


3 years of fully documented restoration pages for your inspiration or discouragement... 

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