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Welcome to Hazel Armstrong

Hazel Armstrong (the name of this 1964 VW Kombi) has been back on the road since July 2005, after the completion of a 3 year full restoration (and the consumption of plenty of brew)... Since then, we have enjoyed some amazing trips across Europe and Hazel has been the vehicle of choice for many unforgettable wedding. She even featured as the backdrop for a global advertising campaign! 

On this website you will also find a library with detailed restoration articles. We hope that these will help other amateur restorers get through the difficult times of the restoration process: the moment when things don't go as planned and you are considering pushing your project of the nearest cliff... We have been there and guarantee that persistence will pay off: as there is nothing like driving around your self-made van!

Kombi Hire

I rebuilt Hazel Armstrong in order to have a camper van to my own liking; allowing me to determine colour, layout and reliability. It never crossed my mind that people would actually like to hire my kombi until I received Luke and Lindsey’s request to use Hazel for their wedding.

Depending on availability, Hazel is available for*:

  • Advertising
  • Events & Weddings
  • Television and Movies

Options include:

  • Standard layout with folding seat in back (5 people)
  • Optional middle seat (8 people) 
  • With or without full length roof rack

*Hire is inclusive of a driver.


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Just came across your site while looking up restoration tips for a splitty, amazing job you guys have carried out! You have a mint example of how a VW should look and be used. Best of luck in the future with her. Regards Ciaran

It was not a big surprise that the fuel tank was completely rusted as it had been in the engine bay without the engine in front of it or an engine lid for that matter. One thing that did surprise me was that it was that it did not leak! To start work on the tank, remove it by first emptying the tank through the bottom fuel line and then loosening the two bolts that hold the metal straps in place that secure the tank.

Once out, remove the fuel level meter and fuel line outlet at the bottom of the tank. I then sent it away to be sandblasted and powder coated, to provide a hard wearing and heat resistant finish.

When the tank came back I set about cleaning the inside of the tank:

  1. Seal the fuel line outlet at the bottom of the tank;
  2. Fill the tank with clean little pebbles and add diesel;
  3. Rock the entire tank to move the pebbles around the entire tank to loosen rust from the inside of the tank;
  4. Leave the mix in there for a few days, and;
  5. Examine the sludge that comes out of the tank;
  6. Repeat as many times as required.

Once cleaned inside and out, I added some protective rubber strips on the tank to prevent the metal straps that secure the tank from scratching the new paint. Finally we polished the (original!) tank cap using metal polish compound and a polishing brush on a drill. 


3 years of fully documented restoration pages for your inspiration or discouragement... 

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